Machinery fleet


Mechanical workshop

  • Milling, CNC, lathe, drill press, grinding, sharpening, polishing lap machine


Press department

  • hydraulic press with 200t automatic unloading robot
  • 160t, 130t, 120t, 100t, 50t, 45t, 35t, 25t mechanical presses


Metal containers production department

  • coated metal sheet containers production line from 273mm to 292mm diameter and from 200mm to 450mm height
  • stainless steel production line from 290mm diameter to 420mm expandable up to 600mm and from 200mm to 1000mm height
  • square steel production line from 250mm to 400mm height


Specific machinery for the assembly of metallic components



  • Automatic handling and pallet wrapping system
  • Mechanical-steel-carpentry components warehouse
  • Electric-electronic components warehouse
  • Finished product warehouse;