Since 1970 we have been
producing the made in Italy
Formetal - designing & manufacturers
Over 25 years
of activity
Formetal - designing & manufacturers

Company evolution

Formetal srl was founded in 2006 by virtue of the generational shift effected by Formetal, a company belonging to the Alberton family, already in business since 1970 in the production of household items in steel (can openers, nutcrackers, potato peelers, etc.). At the beginning of the 21st century, the field of “Made in Italy” household items has undergone a gradual slowdown due to the strong competition of the Asian countries that have increased the production of standard products with low added value. In 2005 this situation prompted the new Formetal generation composed of three Alberton brothers members to diversify the business specialising in the technical and custom processing of stainless steel, with particular reference to the design and manufacture of industrial drums for vacuum cleaners. Since 2006 multinational companies Karcher and Lavorwash entrust major projects and orders to the Formetal company from Vicenza which in recent years has invested in the optimisation of machining processes and reduction of waiting times and tooling times of machines in order to organise production from artisan to industrial minimising processing costs.

Over the past five years the partners, capitalising on the know-how and experience of over twenty-five years of activity, and internalising of the reference market dynamics have decided to continue to invest in research and innovation of products and process also in response to requests from major players and world-class customers. The above path led the enterprise to design prototypes also in the field of innovative household items for the cutting of plastic capsules containing ground coffee residues. This innovation has allowed the Formetal customer to solve a major problem involving the disposal of the waste consisting of the plastic capsule and the residues of espresso coffee. The members, aware of the important know-how, subsequently decided to patent and capitalise on the investment made.

Today Formetal proposes itself to Italian and international clients not as a simple supplier but as a real partner that develops the customer’s tailored ideas and accompanies it in the realisation of the final product.

Business organisation

Formetal srl has a 1.800 m2 production warehouse and a storage logistics warehouse for finished products for an additional 1.800 m2. Within the industrial building the company also has a technical department that deals with designing prototypes built on the basis of requests and specific ideas of the customer.
The technical department has designers and collaborators that are able to go from the idea, through the analysis of product feasibility (cost, time and evaluation methods), to the elaboration of the project and subsequently the completion of the prototype and subsequent preparation of the industrialisation project.
The design office is responsible not only for the mechanical part, but also for the electrical one and for the plc-robot-brushless-inverter-hmi programming.
The technical office tasks are seamlessly integrated with the mechanical workshop that is located inside the plant. The mechanical workshop is equipped with CNC machine tools necessary for the ordinary maintenance of the production equipment and can realise metal prototypes through a work centre. The mechanical workshop also has two 3D printers that can realise plastic prototypes. The mechanical workshop, can produce specific equipment at any time designed to execute machining and customisations requested by the end customer.
The company currently has 10 employees committed in the production departments and three members perform the role of sales manager, production manager and technical office and prototyping manager, respectively.

Plants and machinery

The company has machines and equipment for sheet metal processing and for the production of cylindrical and polygonal components; it also has automated mechanical presses and special assembly equipment. The company has a twenty-five year experience in engineering, prototyping and production of components also assembled, made on specific customer request in stainless steel, FE and Tinplate.

Development strategy of foreign markets

Today the company has important know-how and expertise that allows it to deal with customers such as Multinationals and Large Industries that are looking for a reliable and innovative partner able to express advanced technical solutions on stainless steel products that are compatible with the technical and dimensional characteristics typical of Formetal production.
Currently Formetal intends making its expertise available to foreign customers, deriving from over twenty-five years of research, testing, machining, prototypes made of steel.